Dress For The Job -- And The Life -- You Want.

Velcoor specializes in making custom made suits, which is specially tailored as per the body dimensions of the wearer. A complete measurement of the body along with the card is taken and sent to our tailoring department for designing and stitching a corporate suit. The perfect fit suits, jackets, trousers and shirts ensure the wearer’s total satisfaction.


Mix And Match With Different Color. It brings a fresh and trendy look to your corporate image. Think of this as a "no-frills" suit. People will always notice you in one of our custom made suits.


Our philosophy is simple: Professionals deserve to be dressed professionally. If you are looking for good looking suit for your social media presentation, we will pick all the detailing for your suit, including buttons and pockets.


You get to choose from 30,000 fabrics and countless pattern options, as well as stand out in the corporate suit. These custom made suits are fashionable and trendy. They are tailored to fit your corporate image.


When it comes to suits and formal wear, a suit is the first option that comes to mind. But there is the perfect suit for you. We can customize the suit according to your choice and size


Looking for a corporate suit, printed suit at the most reasonable price? You're in the right place. This fashion corporate suit is made of polyester and polyester flannel which can be customized.


We have been working in fashion industry for many years. We focus on corporate fashion and covers all the aspect of suits. We custom made suit which design is not exist at the moment.

Corporate Suit Means Business

Being the leader in custom made suits, corporate suits , fashionable suits, trendy suits, printed suits and promotional clothing. Velcoor is a leading manufacturer of fashion apparel. Our mission is to be the world's best and largest manufacturer of high quality corporate uniforms and bespoke garments and creative services.

Quite simply, life is a party for the suit wearing executive. The corporate suit is the perfect outfit for showing the world that this special person means business. These suits are specifically designed and tailored to make work colleagues drool with envy. After all, when you look like this, you don't need a reason to be dressed up other than looking sharp and keeping out of trouble.


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